What is the Jon Gabriel Method?

Jon Gabriel is well known in the media, I am sure most people have seen him on TV or just the before and after pictures (you can see them on the right of this page) where he lost an incredible amount of weight.

He has written a book which outlines his “system” and also recorded a CD with a “visualization” which you can use. The main principal behind the system is that the your mind has an image of the size of your body, so, really, no matter what you do in terms of eating or dieting, you will end up the same size.

I can relate to this, as I have been overweight pretty much since I left High School and over that time, have gone on many diets and exercise programs, however, I always seem to end up at a similar size. I have been thinking this sort of thing myself, so, its been easy for me to relate to Jon’s book.

The main principal, is to visualize your perfect body result, then eat healthy foods – supplemented by a few things like Fish Oil and Multivitamins. You don’t have to Diet as such, the visualizations help you to actually crave healthy foods – I have read many posts on his forum that confirm this – like:

“My cravings for Grains, starches and dairy dropped drastically to the point
where if I did not eat these things”

“After listening to the CD for just two nights I completely lost the urge to binge between meals: it just vanished.”

What Do You Get?

The book itself is 198 pages long, is divided into 5 parts:

  • Part 1 – The Principles
  • Part 2 – Nonphysical Stresses that Activate the FAT Programs
  • Part 3 – Physical Stresses that Activate the FAT Programs
  • Part 4 – Positive Forces that Make Your Body Want to Be Thin
  • Part 5 – Making it Happen for You

FAT Program stands for “Famine and Temperature”, meaning the mind preparing you for Famine and/or Temperature – its fully explained in the book. You also get an Audio CD with a 2 minute introduction and a 20 minute Visualuation. You also get access to a Forum which is interesting – here is just one quote from the forum:

“Hi all, I have to say so far I have had great success since starting the GM method. I had originally 20kgs to lose, Aussie size 18. Its so easy to discount small amounts of weight loss, and so to keep with theme of visualization I decided to take it one step further. I’m lucky I guess because I am a very visual being. I have lost around 5.8kgs so whilst doing the shopping I decided to look for a 5 kg bags of spuds. When I found it I took a good look at it,theres a lot of spuds in there, and then picked it up! OM goodness, it really hit home then how much heavier my body was and how much 5 extra kilos can mean to your daily lifestyle (or not)”

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE FORUM (bottom right of page)

Who Will Benefit From This Most?

Anybody like me, who has tried many Diets and Exercise Programs should give this a try. The following quote from the book says is all for me:

“Let’s face: if diets worked there’d be one diet (maybe two), everyone would go on it, everyone would lose weight, and that would be the end of it.”

The Bottom Line

Although I have not started to implement the system yet, its a great read – very interesting and seems to make a lot of sense. Its a relatively small investment to buy the book, you are advised to invest in some supplements, such as Omega 3 and Multivitamins, but we should probably doing that anyway.


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